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Land Communication Systems

ICS provides equipment, installation and advice for High Frequency (HF) Radio solutions including 4WD Networks.

ICS provides the the finest (HF) Radio equipment from CODAN, BARRETT and ICOM for your peace of mind, whether you are adventuring in the outback, checking in with friends and family or finding help in an emergency.

Among the equipment available is:

  • Tracking Systems
  • Communications: Outback HF radio with voice and telephone links, mobile satellite phone systems, UHF & 27MHz CB radio, Commercial two-way radio systems, Telemetry, Amateur Radio equipment, Scanner receivers, GPS & Street Navigation systems, 406 EPIRBs, cables & installation materials, spares & components, Power Supplies and VSWR Meters

We also specialise in:

  • Outback HF Radio
  • Mobile and Hand Held Satellite Phone Systems
  • UHF and 27MHz CB
  • Commercial Two-Way Systems
  • Aircraft VHF
  • Ham Radio
  • Shortwave Receivers
  • all types of Base and Mobile Antennas
  • Cables and Installation Materials
  • Spares and Components
  • Power Supplies
  • Repairs

Sales, service and installation.

Satellite phones are available for world wide communications in the palm of your hand.

Need to stay in touch in remote areas?

Contact Us and learn more about the Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme.